Official Trailer coming soon!

Here are some screenshots from the captured footage of this series:

Hallmann Entertainment Company and Magic Entertainment are proud to announce the production of a new, cinematic, feature-length, equity-financed documentary as part of the "United Earth Project": Our planet presented in a one-of-a-kind visual and musical experience!


The "United Earth Project" assembles over 250 extraordinary video-artists from more than 100 countries, different cultures and backgrounds and makes their work visible in front of a worldwide audience - to remind us all how important it is to take care of this planet now.


"DreamScapes" is a gripping tale covering our planet from the depth of the oceans, through deserts and badlands, forests and mountains, volcanoes, clouds and up to the starry sky. Time-lapse photography elevates our perception to a new dimension. Camera-drones lift us up in the air and show us Earth from a birds-eye view. And high-speed photography makes processes visible that would usually stay unseen.


Narrated by „Mother Earth” herself - we embark on a journey from below sea-level to outer space A vast amount of the most beautiful landscapes, fascinating animals, and natural treasures are presented in this ambitious production. Accompanied by a monumental orchestral score that brings the already breathtaking pictures to new heights and leaves the audience in awe.


A true one-of-a-kind movie experience for people of all ages, and from all corners of this planet.




  • 85' 4k UHD / 5.1
  • Original language: English