4x 52' / 4K UHD

4 continents, 12 countries, and 30 cities where some of the most interesting and even obscure beer styles have been invented or brewed to perfection.


The eccentric sommelier and author Conrad Seidl sets out on a tasty journey around the globe where he shares knowledge and anecdotes. He talks about the history of beer and opens the audience's mind for new sensorial experiences. A docuseries, modern, and fresh to the television landscape. Perfectly serving the millions of beer fans worldwide - and those to come.



1x 90' / 4K UHD / 5.1 / In Distribution soon!

A story about ideas, money, failure, and the hunt for the next big hit. An intimate portrait on producing today’s entertainment.


A documentary about the challenges that come with producing today’s entertainment: those who made it in Hollywood share their personal experience on how to survive in this extremely demanding industry. Continually dealing with rejection and failure, these movie producers expose what it takes to succeed when the whole world is seemingly against you and what makes it all pay off in the end.



10x 52' / 4K UHD / 5.1 / + 20x 5' 360° Virtual Reality

In Post-Production

They are considered the 20 most stunning places and animals on the Planet.


This is the voyage of two young globetrotters - a vlogger and his female photographer friend - that take the audience on a fascinating trip to 20 diverse countries. Each episode consists of two natural treasures that could not be more different - but each one is truly breathtaking!



6x 52' / 4K UHD / 5.1

In Post-Production


Beer is art. And there is a lot of beer to discover in art. In the second season of “Beer-tastic!” we connect the dots. Let’s explore the history of art made by beer-lovers over the last hundreds and

thousands of years.. and taste what inspired them. Cheers!


90' / 4K UHD / 5.1

In Production - Coming Spring 2022 to a cinema near you!

One Amazing Planet in Time and Motion. A Visual and Aural Adventure for the whole Family!


52' / 4K UHD / 5.1

In Pre-Production / Principal Photography starts January, 2022

The gripping and emotional tale of one of Africa´s last indigenous people, whose only chance to preserve their ancestors’ legacy.. is by leaving our modern world behind.

"KODOKAN - The Trial of Life"

90' / 4K UHD / 5.1

In Pre-Production

The Story of Kano Jigoro Shihan, who created Judo in the year 1882. Nowadays practiced by nearly 100 million people around the world, regardless of their origin, sex, age, or physical condition.


This documentary takes you on a trip around the globe to show examples of exceptional people, telling their intriguing stories of how they use Judo as a way of coping with the trials of life.


90' / 4K UHD / 5.1

In Pre-Production

It is one of the most unique concert events, held in Europe for several years with great success.


In September 2022, for the first time, the world-famous sounds of 8-time Academy Award-winner Alan Menken will be heard, and - under his presence on stage - felt by the audience in the hall and by the millions of viewers in 35 countries. A new visual concept is also setting new standards in the realization of concert recordings.


Hollywood and Vienna - united once again.




In Post-Production - Coming 2021


Regie & Buch: Michael Ostrowski, Helmut Köpping
Kamera: Wolfgang Thaler
Schnitt: Alarich Lenz
Produzenten: Peter Wirthensohn, Tommy Pridnig, Florian Gebhardt, Klemens Hallmann
Produktionsfirmen: Lotus-Film GmbH, Gebhardt Productions GmbH, Film House Germany AG, Hallmann Entertainment Company GmbH
Besetzung: Michael Ostrowski, Anke Engelke, Hilde Dalik, Simon Schwarz uvm.



Mike Bittini, ein Spieler und Lebemann, kehrt nach vielen Jahren zurück ins Haus seines Bruders und nistet sich dort ein. Er hat erfahren, dass sein Bruder Sandro, ein Prominenten-Anwalt, ins Koma gefallen ist und auf Intensiv liegt, seine Frau Gloria und die beiden Kinder (Niki, 13, und Stefanie,17) sind im Ausnahmezustand. Die Anwaltskanzlei macht Druck auf Gloria, sie sucht nach verschwundenen 600.000 Euro, die Tochter will abhauen, der Sohn fühlt sich am Koma des Vaters schuldig. In dieser hochdramatischen Zeit schleicht sich der Onkel ins Haus wie der Habicht in den Hühnerstall und mischt dort ordentlich auf. Er will den Kindern der neue Vater sein und er will die Frau des Bruders zurück, mit der er vor 17 Jahren ein Verhältnis (und ein Kind?) hatte. Während Gloria durch die sich überschlagenden Ereignisse erfährt, dass ihr Mann seit Jahren heimlicher Schwarzgeldlieferant war und jäh aus ihrem Vorstadt-Idyll gerissen wird, legt sich Onkel Mike mit dem Nachbarspolizisten Udo an und verwirrt dessen bipolare Gattin und Krankenschwester Jenny. Der Onkel kommt, um zu helfen, bringt das Chaos und findet die Liebe.