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Hallmann Entertainment Company and Magic Entertainment are proud to announce the production of a new, cinematic 10-part, equity-financed Nature/Travel-TV-series - called "BREATHTAKING" - which has been shot around the globe, beginning February 2019 in Mexico until September 2022 in Canada. World sales starts in May 2022 at the Marché in Cannes.


The concept of this series is not only to show the audience 20 of the most beautiful natural wonders on this planet but also subtle inform about the present dangers of destroying them. And how every one of us can contribute to preserving these treasures before they are lost forever.


Each of the 52-minute episode consists of two different locations that can not be more diverse from the others. From the depth of the ocean to the sheer endlessness of the desert, to specific animals and lush tropical forests. A unique mixture of human culture and the sometimes unbelievable beauty of Nature.


It is our goal not only to create a fascinating TV-event that has a worldwide appeal to the public in a cinematic and entertaining way - but also to subtle educate the viewers and show them the sometimes immense impact we have on Nature. That it lies in our everyday actions to conserve these prescious places and animals for future generations.



  • 10x 52' 4k UHD / 5.1
  • 20x 5' VR 360
  • 1x 26' Making Of / 4K UHD
  • Original language: English
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